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BeagleBox: An Embedded Distribution for BeagleBoards.

BeagleBox provides a build system based on Crosstool-NG, Das U-Boot, Buildroot/Busybox, the Linux kernel, some proprietary OMAP firmware and installation tools to create a base system that can be installed to an SD card to boot a BeagleBoard. The base system serves as a foundation on which opkg based extensions such as XBMCBox can be installed.

Status is available from the News section of the issue tracker

Project Tracking

Item Status Description
Build System Software v0.8.0 Instruction on building the BeagleBox software for the Raspberry Pi, including the link to the BeagleBox repository.
Image Releases? tbd Links to downloadable versions of BeagleBox, ready for installation to an SD card.
Issue Tracker Built on Redmine. Tracks feature requests, bugs, todo items and all other issues for this project.
Forums Open General discussion on BeagleBox

General Notes

Item Description
Design (Deprecated) High level overview of the BeagleBox system.
Architecture (Deprecated) Detailed specifications for the BeagleBox system.
Build Details and BUI (Deprecated) Information related to the source code and development processes.
Documentation Developer and End User.
External Resources Links to a variety of hardware and software resources related to BeagleBoard.
Links Important references related to BeagleBox, BeagleBoard, and OMAP processors.
Downloads Deprecated - use the Git repos instead. See the Software page.

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