BeagleBox: kernel update, BUI initial release and analysis progress

[Print This] By mjhammel ~ August 19th, 2010. Filed under: General, Linux, Software Development, Hardware, BeagleBox.

I’m in the process of doing an analysis of the Matchbox code to determine what needs to change in it to create BUI.  So far I’ve mapped out the basic code flow and identified the purposes of the files within the window manager, which is where I’m starting the analysis.  Yesterday I experimented (lightly) with some changes to see if I could identify where the wm resized clients when the panel opened and closed.  I found it in dockbar_client.c:dockbar_client_show() which calls wm_update_layout().   While this code is associated with that resizing, just commenting out portions of it is not sufficient.  If I do that, the client gets resized too large.  So this is just the start of changing that resize handling process.

I also made a release of BUI 0.1 yesterday on SourceForge.  That’s just the original Matchbox code in a build environment.  It includes a target for testing the code under Xephyr too.  No changes to Matchbox yet, however.  It’s just a starting point for anyone interested in diving into this with me.

While working on the Matchbox analysis I ran the BeagleBox build for the beagleboard hardware.  This differs from the qemu build in that the Cortex-A8 compiler is built instead of the A7 compiler.  In doing this I found a number of problems with that part of the build.  First, the A8 compiler was not getting built the way I thought it would.  I have to keep separate config files in the BeagleBox source tree specific to how I want to build the compiler due to the way I’m building it (not because of any kind of limitations in Crosstool-NG – the issue is in how I’m building the BeagleBox tree).  Once that was fixed I updated the kernel build to the latest kernel being built by OE’s OMAP builds, which is kernel 2.6.32 from the tmlind git repository.  Then I migrated in the xterm and surf updates to the buildroot.  So now the beagleboard build should be up to date as much as possible.  I can’t test it yet since I don’t have a BeagleBoard.  I expect to make that purchase in mid/late September.  Note that Crosstool-NG recently rev’d their release.  I have not rev’d my build to use the new release.  I’ll look at that later (added a Flyspray entry to cover it).

In the mean time I continue work on BUI and integration of the SGX components to the BeagleBoard build.  Anyone interested in joining in should take a look at the Flyspray list of tasks to see what you might be interested in working on.

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