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I’ve been waiting nearly 30 years for my alma mater to do something noteworthy, well other than something intellectual because lets face it, it’s not MIT.  They managed a national championship in women’s basketball once and for that I’m eternally grateful.  But the guys teams, well, they lack a certain – quality.

So two years ago they managed to get themselves all the way up to #2 in the polls thanks to a big, last second win on national TV.  Of course they blow it the next week and don’t even make a BCS bowl thanks to a completely useless beauty popularity contest called the national polls.  But they were rising and things were looking good.

Then ESPN has one of their lessor rump rubbers, a man already responsible for the destruction of one national program, shove his kid down our coaches throat.  The kid is a waste.  He bumps his head.  The coach sends him off the field.  Daddy cries foul and whines to the administration. The school fires the coach.  One year after getting us farther than we’d ever gotten before.  So much for loyalty to your team.  No more pirate booty for the long suffering alumni.

Fast forward to yesterday.  My wonderful daughter is in her second year at Eastern Washington (on a full ride, no less – nice job kiddo!).  Yesterday, the school reaches the national championship game.  Two years to do something of note.

I think I’m done with my mater.  Go Eags.  At least I can keep the color scheme.

And long live the pirate.

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