F16 Upgrade Notes

[Print This] By mjhammel ~ December 9th, 2011. Filed under: General.

I’m playing with F16 at work, prep’ing for the big migration from F14.  I’ve already installed a laptop.  Now I’m doing a dual-core server.

The first thing I noticed that is different from my usual installation process is that the asknetwork boot option to anaconda doesn’t work.  The boot process never asks for the network configuration.  However, applying the network configuration manually as boot options works as a workaround.  So the F16 command line options are now the following:

askmethod ip=<addr> netmask=<mask> gateway=<addr> dns=<addr,addr> noipv6 noselinux selinux=0

I don’t use IPv6 behind the firewall because I don’t need it yet.  I supposed I’ll be forced into it eventually, but for now this still works.

Also, the boot process hangs doing something with systemd.  After setting the boot options and hitting enter, the boot process blanks the screen and then just sits there for quite a while – perhaps a couple of minutes.  If this happens to you, be patient.  Systemd eventually times out and logs an error about “no such directory”.  After that, the install process continues as usual.

I actually have a very detailed process on how I do my upgrades that I need to put on my wiki.  Well, eventually.

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